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LACTIS 10ml (30pcs)

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DESCRIPTION: LACTIS Acid Bacteria - 300ml (10ml x 30tubes).LACTIS is one of the best supplements to improve the intestinal environment effectively, boost your immune system, helps a person ...

DESCRIPTION: LACTIS Acid Bacteria - 300ml (10ml x 30tubes).

LACTIS is one of the best supplements to improve the intestinal environment effectively, boost your immune system, helps a person stay healthy by fighting off viruses and bacteria. We recommend it to all persons who hope the healthy and beauty lives, from the baby to the aged, because it is very important to maintain the healthy intestine in order to keep healthy body. The intestine is where all nutrients are absorbed. Therefore, it is an important organ determining the quality of the blood and predisposition to disease. Besides, the intestine is the largest immunity organ protecting our body. In the intestine, enterobacteria play many important roles. There are more than 500 different kinds of bacteria – a total 120 trillion bacteria – and they are always engaged in a struggle for power. If the ‘good, bacteria have the upper hand, your intestines will be in good clean working order and your body will sparkle with health and vitality. But if there are too many ‘bad’ bacteria, the intestinal environment will be deteriorated and the toxins produced by these harmful bacteria will affect negatively on our body. The lactic acid bacteria (LAB) that is representative of the ‘good’ bacteria in intestine is difficult to increase by the intake of living bacteria in foods such as yogurt. The main reason is that most outsider LAB is killed in the stomach and even if they pass through it, they are eliminated from the intestine as outsider by our immune system. The only way of increasing the number of LAB in the intestine is to increase the LAB count already living in our intestine from babyhood. LACTIS can increase own LAB effectively, and it inhibits the reproduction harmful bacteria.

The ingredients in LACTIS is classified as biogenic, a functional food derived from Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB). It is different from the live probiotic products in the way it is manufactured and its composition. LACTIS does not contain any live bacteria or function like a traditional Probiotic (by ingesting a live culture). Instead, the naturally fermented extract comprises of Lactobacillus metabolites that help invigorate the growth of your own existing good bacteria to maintain individual balance.

LACTIS promotes balance in the intestinal tract.  The main ingredient of LACTIS is Lactic Acid Bacterial (LAB) Extract Fermentation. This LAB Extract Fermentation contains no living LAB but their secretions (the extract produced by LAB) and bacterial body substances (LAB cellular material).The secretions can make our entero LAB active. Also, it inhibits.' the reproduction of harmful bacteria. The bacterial body substances make immune balance improvement. LAB Extract Fermentation is produced by a co-culture of our original 16 strains of LAB using proprietary fermentation technology. We use soy milk from the special soy beans grown in the captive form by organic method, pesticide-free, chemical fertilizer-free. After the fermentation and aging for one year, then Lactic Acid Bacterial Extract Fermentation is extracted. LACTIS is food and not a medicine, so you don’t need to worry about side effects. We recommend it to everybody to hope a healthy life including vegetarians, because LACTIS doesn’t contain any artificial preservative, coloring agent, perfumes, sugar and animal material.

Harmony created by 16 selected strains of LACTIS Acid Bacteria!

HOW TO DRINK: Twist mouth of container to open. Drink twice a day, as is, or dilute in water and consume immediately. Consume it on an empty stomach.


  • Improves immunity, and activates it.
  • Helps restore intestinal mucosa/gut.
  • Improve digestion and absorption of useful substances.
  • Detox effects and biofunctional improvement of cells.
  • Has confirmed anti-aging effect on skin and cells.
  • Decreases symptoms (fatigue, gases, skin outlook, stress etc).

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