Japanese chocolate in Dubai has a wonderful taste everyone must enjoy(Наndmade chocolate)

If you are looking for japanese sweets with  taste, then you are going to like what we are about to offer. Handmade chocolate, which is created in famous manufacture, is designed for people who can enjoy it and are ready to experience nice feelings.
Soft and subtle, heavenly and amazing – this is what foodies are thinking Japanese sweets in Dubai are about.
Legendary Japanese chocolate has been first produced in 1982 in chocolate factory Sils Maria. Factory workers are still meticulous about traditions of the recipe that enables creation of sweet masterpieces, which are unrivaled throughout the world.
Chocolatier call their products «nama», what means «raw». Only sweets of this kind can give a true sensual pleasure and become a perfect gift, which will be remembered for long. There are no any words which could express your feelings better than chocolate.
Why Sils Maria are the perfect gift to give?
– They look wonderful thanks to elegant package sweets are packed into.
– They are made using exclusive recipe and contain unusual additives.
– It is handmade and reflects perfect skills of Japanese  chocolatier.
– Chocolate contains organic products obtained from environment-friendly Japanese regions.
Our catalogue contains different varieties of pure chocolate such as Earl Grey, Green Tea, Kingoma (sesame), Silsbitter, Silsmilk, Snowberry (strawberry) and othersе. They are all different and unique.
We can directly obtain exclusive, which are primarily designed for Japanese foodies only. To order gourmet chocolate, which will be melting in your mouth, you can fill a form or just us a call. We will arrange express delivery of your order. Try artisan japanese chocolate – it is very tasty treat!


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