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We have managed to arrange service and delivery of true Japanese skincare & health products and Japanese green tea & matcha.

Japanese green tea in Dubai includes rare varieties which are filled with the sun and pure energy of the tea leaves. Our catalogue contains exclusive tea varieties such as Sencha, Matcha, Hojicha, Gyokuro, etc. which are served to important guests during tea ceremony. These things are seemingly simple and yet they bring comfort and light feel to the house. They give a pleasure, peace of mind and tranquility.

Numbers of Japanese cosmetic products are highly regarded not only in Japan, but also in abroad because of the quality, safeness, precision and the huge production rage. Japan is chock full of magical moisturizers, fan-favorite cleansers, soaps, etc. We are offering an unique Japanese brands ALL-J and BCL. Japanese safety and peace of mind. Rich and high quality, blessed by nature combining traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge technology, with a Japanese sense of beauty and hospitality.

Japan has a high standard for food & healthy safety, most of the supplement products, especially from large manufacturers, are safe for consumption. LACTIS is one of the best supplements to improve the intestinal environment effectively and boost your immune system. We recommend it to all people who hope the healthy and beauty lives, from the baby to the aged, because it is very important to maintain the healthy intestine in order to keep healthy body.

Store JAPAN SOUQ in U.A.E. offers the clients Unique Japanese products in Dubai. We are happy to share our philosophy with you as it is second to none in the world. Each product is designed with love and care of people as sense and inner resources are the main Japanese values. Only Japanese are capable of enduing things with spirit to make one happy and bring a joy.

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