Japanese green tea in Dubai: discover new shades of pleasure

Japanese tea is famous in the world as it is a very nice drink with rich palette of taste. It is very good for health and contains a great amount of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Uji green tea from legendary Uji region is especially good. This is the region, where Sencha, Gyokuro, Hojicha and Matcha green teas varieties are carefully collected and manually processed in accordance with special technology. These varieties are presented in our website.
Each variety is made using certain technology. It gives certain range of feelings and has distinctive aroma and marine, herbal, nutty, floral or honey hint. The following varieties are the most popular ones:
  • Sencha is the most famous tea among the ones which are grown in Japan. Once steamed with hot air, leaves are rolled into thin tubes. This tea has a slightly bitter taste with nutty hint. It contains a little amount of caffeine and tannin as well as vitamins. You can find this exclusive and valuable drink of the first harvest in out catalogue.
  • Gyokuro is a relic tea, which is grown in small plantations. It is called a pearl of dew due to its refined sweetness with no signs of bitterness. It is obtained from fresh green pieces located on top of the stem. It is steamed for a very short time and has an amazingly delicious aroma that boggles imagination.
  • Matcha is a powder of rich green color, which is made from powdered delicate leaves, which are collected once per year. It is a very valuable and popular tea, which is indispensable during traditional tea ceremony. Once brewed in a cup, it gets an emerald color. It has a distinctive sweet aroma and is rich in rare antioxidants. It is rarely sold abroad. Therefore, our catalogue contains this original drink which is designed for home market.
  • Hojicha is a tea variety made using Bancha and Sencha varieties. It is so soft to taste that Japanese people drink it before bedtime only.

We offer a well-balanced drink for true connoisseurs. Give a try to a unique Japanese Uji green tea. Experience ultimate pleasure coming from the country, where a divine tea aroma slows down time and prolongs a joy from meetings. This is a premium-quality product, which is served to guests during official ceremonies. Aroma release resembles a scent of the gardens located in legendary province, where rare varieties of the tea leaves are grown.

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Gold matcha

92 AED
INFORMATION: Matcha with gold leaf flakes - Japanese green tea powder, 30 g (ceremony class, ma..

Gyokuro Kanro (canned, 105g)

259 AED
INFORMATION: Gyokuro is well known for its soft aroma and sweet, mild taste. The leaves are brought ..

Gyokuro Ujinoshirabe (50g)

199 AED
INFORMATION: due to amino acid, this tea has a mild and characteristic flavor. Luxurious taste is r..

Hoji (tb - 8pcs)

97 AED
INFORMATION: HOJI Roasted green tea. Combines the taste of refreshing Gyokuro and Sencha, attr..

Hojicha (tb - 8pcs)

97 AED
INFORMATION: Hojicha is made from irregular green tea leaves that were roasted over high heat..

Hojicha Takarakaori (100g)

70 AED
INFORMATION: Hojicha is made from irregular green tea leaves that were roasted over high heat. ..

Kyobancha (300g)

73 AED
INFORMATION: To produce this Kyobancha the grower harvests the coarser mature leaves, along wit..

Luxury Sencha Seifu (100g)

168 AED
INFORMATION: This green tea Sencha is suitable to drink everyday. Sencha Seifu is one of the high qu..

Luxury Sencha Seifu (50g)

105 AED
INFORMATION: Sencha Seifu is one of the high quality Sencha green tea. It is a delicious tea whe..

Matcha Ginkaku

160 AED
INFORMATION: Uji Matcha Ginkaku - platinum class, hand picking (fast tea), 30 g.  ..

Matcha Gokou

120 AED
INFORMATION: Uji Matcha Gokou - ceremony class, hand picking (fast tea), 30 g.  ..

Organic Genmaicha (100g)

64 AED
INFORMATION:  Genmaicha (brown rice tea), also called brown rice green tea, is ..

Organic Gyokuro (100g)

178 AED
INFORMATION: Gyokuro, a shade grown steamed green tea, is among the finest of Japanese teas. Wh..

Organic Hojicha (50g)

53 AED
INFORMATION: Hojicha is made from irregular green tea leaves that were roasted over high heat. ..

Organic Kukicha (100g)

60 AED
INFORMATION: Kukicha or twig tea is a Japanese blend..
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