Matcha tea set

Equipment is an essential part of the experience and key to making great matcha. Start with a chawan, the tea bowl which is used to make and drink the matcha. Also necessary is chashaku, a traditional bamboo tea spoon used to scoop the matcha into the chawan. Also important, the chasen, and a tea sifter to break up all the clumps, which develop because of static in the matcha powder. Find great deals on our store for Matcha tea set.

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Kusenaoshi (matcha whisk holder)

121 AED
INFORMATION: A whisk keeper, known in Japanese as a kusenaoshi, is used to help maintain the co..

Matcha bowl (chawan)

126 AED
INFORMATION: A beautiful Japanese matcha bowl - chawan (茶碗) is essential for enjoying trad..

Matcha gold set

309 AED
INFORMATION: Matcha gold set includes bamboo whisk (chasen), bamboo scoop (chashaku), matcha bo..

Matcha organic black

357 AED
INFORMATION: Matcha organic black set includes bamboo whisk (chasen), bamboo scoop (chashaku), ..

Matcha platinum set

389 AED
INFORMATION: Matcha platinum set includes bamboo whisk (chasen), bamboo scoop (chashaku), match..

Matcha starter

208 AED
INFORMATION: Matcha starter set includes bamboo whisk (chasen), bamboo scoop (chashaku) and air..

Matcha whisk

84 AED
INFORMATION: Matcha bamboo whisk - Chasen (茶筅). Bamboo whisk used to mix the matcha powdered te..

Matcha Yuzu set

299 AED
INFORMATION: Matcha YUZU set includes bamboo whisk (chasen), bamboo scoop (chashaku), matcha bo..


140 AED
INFORMATION: Natsume is a container to temporarily hold Matcha during the tea ceremony. After t..

Tea pair

45 AED
INFORMATION: The simple, delicate design of the tea cup.Because green tea is typically bre..

Tea set

933 AED
INFORMATION: Fujiso's teapots are simple in appearance but are made exclusively for brewing tea..


140 AED
INFORMATION: Dobin is a style of large teapot with a handle attached at the "shoulders." Dobin ..
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